June 21, 2004

Get Your Text On

by Nick Montfort · , 3:05 pm

And get your script on, too. You could call it version 2.0, or you might think of it as Grand Text Auto: Advice City, or you might just say “ooo – shiny!” Whatever the case, there have been some changes. It’s been slightly more than a year since we’ve been online, and now we’ve driven Movable Type off into the ocean and are riding in a tripped-out 2004 WordPress, complete with redesign. Sure, the radio stations are the same, but now, all of our templates are compliant, even if our thinking about digital media isn’t.

Recent comments are now shown more prominently, since we think highly of all of you who take the time to discuss various issues with us here. We also have added easily-accessed biographies of the five of us (roll over our names in the brown bar), because, hey, we think pretty highly of ourselves, too – and it’s only fair that readers be able to learn something about who we are without needing to crawl through our websites. Another discussion-friendly change: The names of commenters now appear right up at the beginning of the comment, as Sean suggested.

Thanks to Hanna for not only writing up a clear, detailed document about how to do the conversion but also actually sitting down with me and helping move the blog over to WordPress.