June 21, 2004

Get Your Text On

by Nick Montfort · , 3:05 pm

And get your script on, too. You could call it version 2.0, or you might think of it as Grand Text Auto: Advice City, or you might just say “ooo – shiny!” Whatever the case, there have been some changes. It’s been slightly more than a year since we’ve been online, and now we’ve driven Movable Type off into the ocean and are riding in a tripped-out 2004 WordPress, complete with redesign. Sure, the radio stations are the same, but now, all of our templates are compliant, even if our thinking about digital media isn’t.

Recent comments are now shown more prominently, since we think highly of all of you who take the time to discuss various issues with us here. We also have added easily-accessed biographies of the five of us (roll over our names in the brown bar), because, hey, we think pretty highly of ourselves, too – and it’s only fair that readers be able to learn something about who we are without needing to crawl through our websites. Another discussion-friendly change: The names of commenters now appear right up at the beginning of the comment, as Sean suggested.

Thanks to Hanna for not only writing up a clear, detailed document about how to do the conversion but also actually sitting down with me and helping move the blog over to WordPress.

16 Responses to “Get Your Text On”

  1. Sarcasmo Says:

    Very sexy!

  2. Walter Says:

    Very nice! I’ve been meaning to give Ludonauts a redesign as well, implementing some of the same changes.

    I guess I should also report a bug of sorts: with screen set at 1024×768 and browser maximized, the sidebar hides a considerable portion of the comment box.

  3. Walter Says:

    Nevermind! I guess you made the change right as I was posting.

  4. Walter Says:

    Oops. Sorry, serious comment spam here, but I realized that the comment box, despite starting off at an acceptable length, extends underneath the sidebar as soon as you type in it. (Feel free to delete these last two comments.)

  5. nick Says:

    Sigh, all of our supposedly comment-friendly changes and the comment box ends up being wonky. Thanks for the bug report, Walter — I believe it’s fixed now. IE seems to have one interpretation of “100%” for an untouched textarea and another interpretation for one that’s been typed in.

    I also made the comment box taller so as to invite lengthy comments.

  6. andrew Says:

    Many thanks to Nick for his hard work designing and implementing the new look, and porting the old Movable Type blog to the new WordPress engine. And thanks again to Hanna for her help and WordPress wisdom.

    As Nick mentioned, we recently turned one year old, but we neglected to post something at the time. (As Scott put it, “typical man blog”.)

    Anyhow, here’s a belated happy first birthday to us. It’s been a great ride so far; looking forward to year two, already underway!

  7. Dennis G. Jerz Says:

    Bravo on the re-design. Last time I checked, WordPress didn’t have facilities for managing multiple blogs, and since I have 90 student blogs at the moment, I’m probably sticking with MT for the moment. I would like to move over eventually for my class-related blogs. (My own blog is home-grown software developed by a former student, if anyone needs to know.)

  8. Jeffool Says:

    Well the blue threw me for a loop at first, but I do dig the column and being able to tell who’s posting what. So kudos on the redesign. First Jurie Horneman over at Intelligent-Artifice, now you folk. Is redesigning your blog officially “all the rage”.

  9. Gunther Schmidl Says:

    Wow, that is one humongously large header.

  10. greglas Says:

    The white on blue is BOLD, the GTxA remix r001z! B-)

  11. dhan Says:

    Great new design, better contents

  12. chris webb Says:

    any chance in changing the date order of the posts – like lastest first perhaps ????

    To be honest I actually preferred the old style, but what the hell do i know??

    Gunther Schmidl is spot on “Wow, that is one humongously large header.”

    a big header indeed!!!!


  13. chris webb Says:

    actually scrap that comment about posts – what the hell was i thinking??

    duh.. !! its the end of the week gimme a break :-)

  14. nick Says:

    Thanks for all the comments!

    I guess we think pretty highly of our header, too.

    (It is almost exactly the same size as before…)

  15. Walter Says:

    You know, that header would look pretty good on some swag.

  16. Malcolmr Says:

    Orange, blue and brown! No wonder you guys are into writing _text_ games. Ech! ;)


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