June 26, 2004

Screen online

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 3:11 pm

New media artworks that aren’t digitally distributable are near-invisible until they have good, accessible documentation. Screen — a collaborative project I helped create in Brown’s virtual reality “Cave” — just became visible today.

Now, in addition to the interview mentioned by Nick, the feature at The Iowa Review Web includes both a Screen overview video and a document of the entire piece. Michelle Higa‘s work on the second of these is so artful that I think of it as a single-channel video artwork in its own right, rather than simply documentation.

I believe Screen also has the distinction of being the first work of electronic writing to contain text from novelist (and long-time elit supporter) Robert Coover. It was an honor to collaborate with him.

2 Responses to “Screen online”

  1. Gunther Schmidl Says:

    Yeah, but will it be shown at Ars Electronica? Or will you?

  2. noah Says:

    Ah — good questions. I think the answer is still that we’ll have to wait and see, on both counts.

    I should also have mentioned that higher-resolution, though more abbreviated, Screen documentation is available at Chaise.

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