June 30, 2004

Opinions Coming, Says the NY Times

by Andrew Stern · , 8:46 pm

Glancing at the home page of the NYTimes, I spied a new article about election-year political videogames — featuring Ian Bogost and his till-now-under-wraps, about-to-be-released game, Opinions! The article reports that Ian, who as GTxA readers know was co-developer of the Howard Dean campaign game, was hired two months ago by the Democratic National Convention to create a game “for the Democratic convention committee. … In Opinions, the player performs an action in each of six minigames simultaneously, seeking to achieve a balance among them. Actions in the minigames, each corresponding to a domestic or international policy topic, affect the ease of playing in the other minigames.” Sounds cool!

The article is by Michael Erard, who has written several articles recently about games and game research.

Once again (I can’t keep track anymore!), congrats to Ian on the new game and its publicity, and to Gonzalo too, who gets a quote. The two are pictured in the article lovingly teleconferencing each other. ;-)