July 14, 2004

Gettin’ Schooled in Games

by Nick Montfort · , 2:24 pm

Penn’s Masters in Computer Graphics and Game Technology is starting in the Fall, and a course in game design and development has been proposed as part of it. I hope it comes through, as I’d love to take it or sit in on it.

On ifMUD I learned of another new degree program, Champlain College’s Bachelors in Electronic Game & Interactive Development. The curriculum includes game-specific courses throughout the four years, including four courses on game design, an interactive storytelling course with two prerequisites, a course on game history and playability testing, a senior thesis and a senior team project.

There are many other digital media programs that have a significant gaming aspect to them, and no doubt many other computer game programs that are just getting started. I’d love to know more about these, particularly if students or faculty in these programs have comments.

4 Responses to “Gettin’ Schooled in Games”

  1. Ann DeMarle Says:

    We are about to open the door on our new game degree program. I’ve spent the summer visiting with professionals on our board and they are as excited as we are. They come from EA Montreal, Ubi Soft, Radical, Cyrptic Studios, Microsoft, Radical, Apple and Disney. What they like about the program is that we are patterning it after the way they work. Students will form design teams – taking core game classes together while at the same time getting depth in their individual fields. This is all backed up by a solid traditional bachelor’s degree courses in history, English, etc. building creative and critical thinking skills – needed to be successful in the field.
    Our advisors are looking forward to having interns and working with our “teams” in their higher-level classes. Exciting times!

  2. Michael Says:

    Here’s an article on Georgia Tech’s new undergraduate degree program in Computational Media. “In a unique joint effort, the College of Computing and the School of Literature, Communication and Culture in the Ivan Allen College have created a new degree designed to attract undergraduates with an interest in both the computational and creative side of new media, such as film, web, television, and games. The new Bachelor of Science in Computational Media, approved by the Board of Regents in June, is designed to provide solid computing and programming skills with a strong understanding of new media design. The program combines hands-on and theoretical knowledge of computing with an understanding of visual design and the history of media.”

    Also, back last November, I posted about Georgia Tech’s new Ph.D. program in Digital Media; in the comments a number of other programs are also mentioned (shame on you Nick for not linking back to this :) ).

  3. nick Says:

    Alas, shame on me — I thought of Georgia Tech’s new Ph.D. and new undergrad degree as being broader than these programs with “game” in their titles, comprehending all the creative uses of the computer more explicitly. But yes, they are certainly new degree programs, and deal with computer games in a way that more existing programs don’t. And all of these programs are looking at way to join computational and creative practice, which I find very pleasing.

  4. michael Says:

    Algoma University is offering a new Master of Science Degree in Computer Games
    (and they managed to grab the nifty, search-engine-friendly URL http://www.mastersdegreeingaming.com). They describe
    themselves as the first “MSc in Computer Games Technology” in North America, a disputable claim that depends on your definition
    “game technology” and “university” (e.g. does Digipen’s CS masters program count?). Nevertheless, another entry in the growing
    collection of advanced degree programs available in game related topics.

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