July 19, 2004

Computer Games, Fiction’s Future

by Nick Montfort · , 4:28 pm

A source at Brown revealed that GTxA‘s own Noah is speaking tonight on “Computer Games and the Future of Fiction.” Sure enough, it’s the only thing on the university’s events calendar today. The details are that he’s speaking in MacMillan 117 at 7pm — hopefully that time, unlike the spelling of Noah’s name on the announcement, is correct. Here’s the whole series of talks of which Noah’s is one.

2 Responses to “Computer Games, Fiction’s Future”

  1. Jill Says:

    Uh, it also says Noah’s most recent book is Computer Games and the Future of Fiction – he’d have mentioned that to us, wouldn’t he? I mean, I’d want to read it, if, but…?

  2. noah Says:

    Yes, I’d have mentioned it, if I’d happened to write such a book recently ;-)

    I talked with them about the bio last night, and no one was sure where it came from. Hopefully they’ll revise it using the material I sent, and then these comments will seem mysterious.

    Of course, now I have the pieces I need to write a longish article or slim book with that title. Any thoughts? Maybe we could make the bio mysterious in a prescient kind of way…

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