July 19, 2004

Word, Image, Computer

by Nick Montfort · , 3:20 pm

In September 2005, Penn will host Elective Affinities, a conference of the International Association of Word and Image Studies (IAWIS). The deadline for a paper proposal (250-300 words) is this October 1.

One session, mentioned on the conference page but not yet described on the detailed description page, is of particular interest to the pedestrians and gang members here at Grand Text Auto. Here’s the description of that session:

Words on Screen: Hierarchies of Text and Picture in Cyberculture

We have often heard that the digital age has witnessed the rise of the image, the fall of the word. Does cyberculture necessarily produce a hierarchy that privileges image over word, or is the computer also a literary technology? We invite proposals that consider how words and codes can be literary. Topics might include: the storage and processing of images and texts; hypertext, narrative and interactivity; gaming; the notion of programming as a “literary” activity.