July 25, 2004

Craig Reynolds’ new Game AI page

by Michael Mateas · , 5:47 pm

I’m blogging from the AAAI workshop on challenges in Game AI. I’ve seen many interesting presentations, and will post a trip report later. But for now, I wanted to post a link to Craig Reynolds’ new Game Research and Technology page. It’s a great resource. He’s just made the page public, and is looking for feedback and suggestions for additional pointers, so don’t be shy about mailing him suggestions for the page.

One Response to “Craig Reynolds’ new Game AI page”

  1. Hideous Pursuit Says:
    Link Flood
    Back from an excellent vacation, sans net access. NetNewWire overfloweth: August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and Ebay to the Semantic Web Can a crowd produce art? Mobile social software list The World as a Blog and Guerilla Drive-ins [both via] Game …

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