August 3, 2004

I Will Allow You to Die … Like a Warrior

by Nick Montfort · , 4:39 pm

Shenmue Online screenshot Sega and JC Entertainment (in Korea) have announced Shenmue Online, a MMOG for PC to be set in China in the 1980s. There’s just the one-page press release in English at the official site, but Shenmue Dojo has screenshots in their discussion area. Apparently the project, which has been underway for a while, has a US $28 million budget and is set to come out of beta early next year.

It’s a shame that Sega didn’t let the Dreamcast die like a warrior, and refrained from a U.S. release of Shenmue II so that Sony could have an “exclusive.” (They did the same with Rez.) Ah, well. Your region codes have no killing power…

2 Responses to “I Will Allow You to Die … Like a Warrior”

  1. Walter Says:

    It was actually so that Microsoft could have an ‘exclusive’ (Shenmue II was released on the XBox).

    Shenmue Online sounds…odd.

  2. nick Says:

    Oops, that’s right. With Rez, it was the Playstation that got the exclusive; with Shenmue II, it was the Xbox.

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