August 10, 2004

READ_ME 2004

by Andrew Stern · , 8:18 am

The program for this year’s Software Art and Cultures Conference is now online. The meeting will be August 23-24 at Århus University in Denmark, and is free to the public. Talks include “Code as Performative Speech Act”, “An Exploration of the Visual Mind of the Software Artist”, “Software Art and Political Implications in Algorithms”, “Legos for a Meta-Theory of Meta-Artforms”, as well as an accompanying art exhibition, including “dot_matrix_synth” and “Hardware Orchestra”.

Just after the conference is the 3-day Runme Dorkbot City Camp, including the Read_Me Code Poetry Slam and an Outdoor computing session, and sessions such as “Algorithmic appreciation”, “Conceptual software” and “Appropriation and plagiarism”.

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