August 10, 2004

W3 Pl4y J00

by Nick Montfort · , 11:08 pm

Gaming Hacks has been announced by O’Reilly: a full descrption of the book is also online. Although the title may suggest it’s all about mods — and it does seem rich in discussion of these, from instructions for doing hardware mods of consoles and controllers to suggestions for twiddling your save game files — it also contains information about building games from scratch, including tips from Adam Cadre and Andrew Plotkin about how to write text adventures.

I’ll supply a real review if and when I break down and buy the book after it’s out in October … or if O’Reilly sends Grand Text Auto a review copy, of course…

2 Responses to “W3 Pl4y J00”

  1. Simoniker Says:

    Actually, ‘Gaming Hacks’ isn’t out til October, but yep, it does indeed have a section by the excellent Cadre and Plotkin on text adventure creation. Will try to make sure you get a review copy. [I’m the book’s author/editor.]

  2. nick Says:

    Wow, I must have modified the post to indicate the October release just as you were commenting. Congrats on the impending release and a great book concept, anyway. That’s the fastest response I’ve ever gotten when trolling for a review copy!

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