August 25, 2004


by Mary Flanagan · , 2:58 pm

Have you seen Kaena: The Prophesy yet? Caught it at the Red Vic cooperatively owned theatre in San Francisco. Like her colleague Dr. Aki Ross of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Kaena is another youthful virtual heroine meant to save a people and a planet from absolute annhilation. While crawling around on the most lovely-rendered branch-architecture-world I’ve seen since the short “Cathedral” at SIGGRAPH 2003, Kaena practically bursts her high tech bodysuits in virtual exuberance crawling around her planet Axis. MANY moments of homage to Oshii’sGhost in the Shell as well… Sometimes feeling like a mod, sometimes Matrix like, and oddly, sometimes Jungle-Book inspired character animation styles clash in the weirdest pop culture mix I’ve seen on the big screen. Is this what EuroDisney feels like?
Unusual bonus: As the character learns more in the film, her breasts appear to grow. Talk about innovative character stats interface design…?

One Response to “game-films”

  1. Creford Says:

    “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within ” is the best 3D graphic film ever. Sublime scene! The cartoon effect is lifelike. The story line is superb, the heroine is very beautiful.
    In this film, I love the people’s sensation and scene.
    With the great imagination.

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