September 1, 2004


by Andrew Stern · , 11:12 am

Slamdance, an alternative film festival to Sundance held annually in late January in Park City, Utah, also now includes an Independent Games Competition. There are two $5000 prizes to be awarded, Jury and Audience. Early deadline is Oct 1, final deadline Nov 14.

This new Slamdance festival joins a growing list of venues for independent games and IF, including the IGF every March (submissions due Friday), ALT+CTRL next month, the IndieGamesCon next month as well, and of course the IF Comp (submissions due yesterday!).

(We recently received news that Facade won’t be part of ALT+CTRL, as they are looking for newer works that haven’t been exhibited much elsewhere. Facade hasn’t been publicly released yet, as it’s taking us a century to finish, but we have already exhibited it a few times. It’s too bad, we would have loved to be there. But no fear, we hear another GTxA’er will be in the festival. ;-)