September 16, 2004

Future Boy!

by Nick Montfort · , 4:16 pm

Future Boy Perfectly apropos of Andrew’s recent post about, and the ensuing discussion of, interactivity and comics, is the release of a demo of Future Boy!, [36.3MB].

Future Boy! is by Kent Tessman’s The General Coffee Company Film Productions. Kent and the company also made Apartment Story, a feature film that was aired on Bravo!, and developed Hugo, a powerful interactive fiction development system with multimedia capabilities, which just reached version 3.1. (See the IF Archive for the new version, which should appear there shortly.) Future Boy! is written in Hugo, which is quite cross-platform, so the demo, like the game itself, will run out of the box on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, BeOS, Palm OS, and Pocket PC; source code is available for porting to other platforms, too, or you can use a Hugo interpreter that has been ported. Future Boy!, in development since 2000, employs comic-style art, voice talent, and natrual langauge input … where have I heard of such things being used before … but the framework is that of a traditional adventure game. Although I’ve only played the demo briefly as yet, it looks amusing and looks like it integrates text and images (and animated images) in a very interesting way.