September 20, 2004

Life 7.0 deadline

by Michael Mateas · , 4:14 pm

The deadline for entries in the Life 7.0 art and artificial life competition is Wednesday, November 3, 2004.

Announcing the sixth edition of the competition on “art and artificial life” sponsored by the Telefonica Foundation in Madrid. We are looking for outstanding electronic art projects employing techniques such as digital genetics, autonomous robotics, recursive chaotic algorithms, knowbots, computer viruses, wetware, embodied artificial intelligence, avatars, evolving behaviours and virtual ecosystems.

An international jury — Chris Csikszentmihalyi (US), Daniel Garcia Andujar (Spain), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Mexico/Canada), Jose-Carlos Mariategui (Peru), Fiona Raby (UK) and Nell Tenhaaf (Canada)– will grant four cash awards totaling 20,000 Euros.

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