October 14, 2004

Fallujah Flash

by Nick Montfort · , 1:09 pm

A new piece, [ FALLUJAH . IRAQ . 31/03/2004 ] is up at Turbulunce. It’s one of seven there by Michael Takeo Magruder. Some of his other pieces there are more intricate and offer interactvie options; this one is simpler in its form, meditative, and worth a look, even if your time is short. It has sound, so unmute as you visit the piece.

Magruder's Fallujah “Fallujah, Iraq, 31/03/2004 – According to witnesses and U.S. officials, four American ‘civilians’ were ambushed and shot or beaten to death by Iraqi insurgents. Townspeople mutilated the bodies of the men, dragged them through the streets, lynched them from a bridge, and burned them while crowds danced and cheered…” As Magruder’s notes explain, video of the mutilations of the bodies was shot by an AP crew, but not shown; the “‘civilian’ casualties were mercenaries employed by Blackwater Security Consulting, of Moyock, N.C.” News about the event is still online from Fox and a college paper (printing a Washington Post story.)

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