October 17, 2004

Book, Reader and More

by Nick Montfort · , 10:13 pm

Jill got the scoop already: At the second event in the Digital Arts and Electronic Literature Series, on Friday, Noah and I gave readings and talked about new media history.

Nick and Noah
Montfort and Wardrip-Fruin determine the order in which they will deliver their serious literary addresses.

Noah discussed the history of hypertext (and the meaning of “hypertext”), described the concept of instrumental text and the more general notion of the textual instrument that can “play” upon several different texts, and read from Regime Change and News Reader. I showed my in-progress interactive fiction Book and Volume, using that as a framework for a discussion of four influential electronic literature pieces and as an excuse for making a few comments about the history of the Z-machine and Inform. (I have a good bit more development work to do … I’ll do the first proper reading of Book and Volume on Wednesday Oct 27, at the Kelly Writers House, where three other authors will read from two other recent, and award-winning, IF pieces.) Thanks to the many who turned out on that Friday night, despite the nearby lure of Atlantic City, and thanks to Scott for having us out to speak. It was a great event.