October 20, 2004

Academic Blogs

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 11:18 pm

I’ve been thinking about a few things related to academic blogs, but rather than roll them all into one mega-post I think I’ll post them one at a time. For starters, I was struck by some reasons for academic blogging noted by Liz Lawley and a group of social software all-stars:

Part of what struck me about this list is that is doesn’t include some of the main reasons we had for starting GTxA.

I won’t attempt a comprehensive list here, but I think these were some of the primary motivations for starting our semi-academic blog:

Nick, Scott, and I saw Jill Walker recently (1, 2) and she pointed out that the list reported by Lawley positions blogging relative the peer-reviewed academic journal. Maybe that’s where the difference lies. I think the academic structure we’ve thought of in relation to GTxA has been the conference panel, rather than the journal.

I wonder if we could learn something interesting about other (semi-)academic blogs by asking their authors if they see their work in relation to another accademic form — and, if so, which?