November 2, 2004

Implementation Complete

by Nick Montfort · , 2:04 am

Implementation Complete

All eight installments of Implementation are now available to the world. But access to Implementation within the United States is restricted. If you are eligible to vote in the US today, you may download the final installment only after you vote. Enforcement is done using the honor system, although we aren’t kidding about the restriction.

Scott and I have been working on sticker lit for a year and a half. We’ve been disseminating the installments of Implementation since January. We are very glad to have completed the last installment of the first serialized sticker novel. Thanks to the Kelly Writers House for hosting the first reading of our sticker novel. Thanks to Rob Wittig for contributing some texts. And, thanks to everyone who participated by reading, putting up stickers, and sending us photographs, particularly Hanna and Jill.

The project continues. A limited print edition will be offered for sale through Spineless Books. We’ll be featured in the Notre Dame Review and have an exhibit at the Slought Foundation here in Philadelphia. See the site for more information on these, and to continue to participate and see the photos people send in. After you vote.

2 Responses to “Implementation Complete”

  1. join-the-dots Says:
    implementation metafiltered
    Implemented, completed, and now metafiltered!

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