November 7, 2004

DiGRA and ‘Dance Due

by Andrew Stern · , 1:09 am

A reminder that paper abstracts for DiGRA’s June conference in Vancouver are due November 30, as well as indie game entries to the first Slamdance Independent Game Competition, in January in Park City, Utah, due November 29.

3 Responses to “DiGRA and ‘Dance Due”

  1. Rob Says:

    I was going to submit something for Digra, but it conflicts with my graduation ceremony. :( Maybe next year, then. Are you folks going?

  2. andrew Says:

    I’m definitely going! I’ll be living in Portland, Oregon and so it’ll be pretty easy for me to get up there. The first DiGRA conference last year was excellent.

    But it’s not worth missing your graduation ceremony. :-)

  3. michael Says:

    I’m planning on going as well. I thought the first DIGRA was a nice field building exercise – it felt like game studies was really coming into its own as a discipline. Now that the “we have a discipline” party is over, I’m curious to see how the conference evolves. Not that I would probably be considered a central game studies person – I tend to look at games with a design and technology focus (ie. building experimental games) as opposed to a “pure analysis” focus that reads games as texts.

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