November 10, 2004


by Nick Montfort · , 2:19 pm

Those crazy kids at UC Riverside are already hosting a talk about GTA: San Andreas, having made the game available last week for students to play.

2 Responses to “Fault-Tolerance”

  1. Mark Marino Says:

    Thanks for the plug, Nick!

    We held our first “test drive,” followed by surveys of the undergraduates who played in part of a reception study of the game. I’d be interested to hear from anyone doing analysis of “San Andreas” or even personal reactions as you get to know Los Santos and beyondd. Please join us for the virtual conversation at the blog site.

    Tomorrow there will be more GTA and game action at Loyola Marymount University with Dan Morris from PC Gamer in a panel entitled “Virtual Wars: Video Game “Realities.” This is all part of the Bellarmine Forum on Violence. The panel will be followed by another test drive.

  2. Mark Marino Says:

    FYI: I’ve posted the initial notes on the GTA Workshop blog and have invited the panelists to post their comments. Help us extend our workshop by joining in the exchange.

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