November 22, 2004

Will Wright to be honored at Tech

by Michael Mateas · , 6:11 pm

Here at the real Experimental Game Lab :), we’re pleased to announce the symposium Living Game Worlds: Community, Simulation and the Future of Entertainment, to be held in honor of Will Wright March 15-16, 2005. Wright will be at Georgia Tech to accept the prestigious Ivan Allen award in recognition of his ground-breaking work in game design (the previous two Ivan Allen award winners are Jimmy Carter and Sam Nunn). Based on conversations with Will, we’re putting together a custom symposium organized around topics that Will wants to engage. We’ll have panels on Procedural Narrative, Procedural Content, and New Entertainment Genres, as well as demos/performances by leading machinima and demoscene practitioners. I’ll post a link to the final schedule when it becomes available.

2 Responses to “Will Wright to be honored at Tech”

  1. andrew Says:

    Is there a Georgia theme there, to the award winners? If I remember correctly, Will Wright grew up in Georgia.

  2. Michael Says:

    Yes, Will in fact grew up in the Atlanta area; he probably lived around here when Ivan Allen was mayor. But I don’t think there’s an official rule that the Ivan Allen Award can only be given to (ex)Georgians.

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