November 28, 2004

Vice CD

by Nick Montfort · , 7:15 pm

Grand Thieves Audio Mark Marino and his collaborators have rolled out Grand Thieves Audio, a set of MP3 “modologues” that are ready to be played within Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as you play it. With these, you can supplant the uncannily accurate radio fare that is included in the game with the appeal of an army recruiter, the caring voice of Mama Vercetti, and helpful hints from a driving instructor who provides some history and tells of his past as a shop teacher. These first three monologues, written by Mark, are voiced by various talent. The speeches have their amusing period touches: The recruiter refers to recent victories in Granada rather than Iraq, and he and mom make mention of then-current video games rather than more recent developments, such as America’s Army. The fourth recording offers a (slightly anachronistic) reading and commentary from now-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Mark Unpingco). This “book on 8-track” is excused by the fact that time travel does, after all occur, in Terminator. I’m not sure if these pieces will become a habit and replace my usual soundtrack for GTA: Vice City, but they are worth listening to in-game, and provide an interesting twist – one that is a bit more subtle and nuanced than converting the Barons of Hell into Barney.