December 7, 2004

Are You Bogging Yet?

by Andrew Stern · , 1:48 am

It’s very common these days for people to start their own bogs. Bogging is an interesting cultural phenomenon, and in fact, bogging has gone mainstream. Anyone can become a bogger, if they have something to bog, such as cranberries, pictured here. Bogging is inexpensive, and easy. Boggers often form communities, collectively referred to as the Bogosphere, and are known to regularly visit each other’s bogs. What boggers do is completely new — and cannot be replicated in any other medium.

16 Responses to “Are You Bogging Yet?”

  1. Ian Bogost Says:

    “Bogosphere” — Hey that sounds like my terrain!

  2. joshlee Says:

    Outdoors, on the go, but still checking in on the bog — looks like mo-bogging to me.

  3. Walter Says:

    There’s a whole slew of bogging services creeping up these days: Bogger, LilyPad, and MudGrass, just to name a few.

  4. Dirk Scheuring Says:

    Yes, and MudGrass seems to be the first company that has turned the Theory of Mudbogging into a big time moneyspinner.

  5. andrew Says:

    Ian Bogost, aren’t you at a conference on MMBOGs as we speak?

  6. Jesper Says:

    It is clear that bogging is a major threat to established news outlets and power structures.

  7. Dirk Scheuring Says:

    The consequences of which are mindbogging.

  8. mark Says:

    I think it’s high time the bogsploitation crowd began to adopt some environmentalist sensibilities and stop treating their natural heritage as merely as place to plant cranberries.

  9. andrew Says:

    Well, I just hope we don’t get bogged down with griefers and trolls and the like; there’s little worse than a troll in your bog. They just stomp all over everything and crush what you’ve planted… it just drains your bog really, dries it up.

    And too much spam in your bog — well, then, nothing can grow. Just gunks up the works, all those nitrites.

  10. Dennis G. Jerz Says:

    The term “bog” is, of course, an eponym referring to Jorn Bogger.

    [ click here for moor… ]

  11. helyn Says:

    I dont know what the HECK bogging is???? Can u explain briefly?

    thanks. Sounds like I just might like to bog lol :)

  12. nick Says:

    This might help. And the photo.

  13. Louis Dargin Says:

    What if the owner of a lake where bogs feed in started accepting toxic waste, all for a small profit? What should be done then? ;-)

  14. annmyea Says:

    I loved the Bog picture. Is the water cold?

  15. bog master Says:

    i love bogging as it is fun

  16. Ronan Mc Donagh Says:

    Found this site while trying to add an entry to wikipedia, (bogging) the definition I was trying to place was a local slang from rossnowlagh, Ireland. It is a derogatory name for an ugly girl!

    “Hey doll your bogging hey!” Donegal accent.

    But on another level I grow up in the west of Ireland and my granddad had a peat bog. I remember fondly as a child going to the bog to help him cut turf! Cheap labour huh? I live in London now and realise the world has changed and we need to conserve our bog land but I feel privileged to be some one who has looked into the past and seen how we used to live. By that I mean he had to use the bog to live (heat their home) and to where we are now. We can now look at bogs as a place of enjoyment, probably the only unspoilt landscapes this country has left.

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