December 12, 2004

Drivers Unite

by Andrew Stern · , 11:17 pm

The gang’s all here. For the first time since our group blog began over a year and half ago, the five of us got together in the same physical place.

Noah, Scott, Andrew, Michael, and Nick

We spent the weekend at Noah’s in Providence for a couple of days of collaborative brainstorming, SubEthaEditing, CAVE-dwelling, and a bit of Scrabble. Oh, and Nick Flashed us repeatedly.

5 Responses to “Drivers Unite”

  1. Ian Bogost Says:

    Fun times. Question tho: everyone has a laptop, but Andrew has a… what is that? A chicken leg? A really big samosa?

  2. nick Says:

    Andrew has a substantial remnant of the coffee cake in front of him. I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the bottle.

  3. Ian Bogost Says:

    Ah, I know that all you GTxA SubEthaEditors drive drunk. But I was interested in this new samosa (coffee cake) Rendezvous networking interface…

  4. andrew Says:

    Regarding the laptops — well, I think Scott’s probably just iChatting with Jill there anyway. ;-)

  5. mary flanagan Says:

    gosh I really *could* have done a drive by. nice to see you all together!

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