December 15, 2004

Composer Wanted for Facade

by Andrew Stern · , 5:42 pm

Our interactive drama Façade is almost done — except we don’t have a completed music/sound score. Michael and I are very interested to find one or more talented composers or sound designers, to collaborate with us on creating a soundtrack for this dynamic, one-act interactive drama.

If you’re interested, please send email to and (removing no-spam-), including a link to some samples of your sound/music work.

If you’re not a music/sound person, please forward this announcement to any musician friends who may be interested in this opportunity to collaborate on Façade. If you’ve got a blog, feel free to re-post this open call.

A few notes on what we’re looking for:

The drama of Façade involves a couple whose marriage is falling apart, similar to the play/movie Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. See our project website for a more detailed project description and screenshots. If you become a collaborator, we will send you a playable version of Façade to develop with.

The most straightforward soundtrack would be some sort of tense ambient music, that builds in tension over the course of about 20 minutes. But to avoid being overly synthy, we’re also interested in exploring something noise-like; we think that might be pretty appropriate. We’re open to ideas, including electronic and/or acoustic. A subtle and minimal sound would probably fit best.

Schedule-wise, we’d like to work on this over the next 1-2 months, to be done as soon as possible. It’s very important we meet this deadline; we want to collaborate to design the score to be relatively simple, to make this deadline possible.

Rewards-wise, this art/research project is self-funded, so there’s no money. But the project will probably get lots of people playing it — Façade was an Independent Games Festival finalist in 2004 — and will probably continue to get some good press, so that could be some nice exposure for you.

The collaboration will probably be done via email and phone, as Andrew is in Portland, Oregon, USA and Michael is in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

2 Responses to “Composer Wanted for Facade

  1. Codex Says:
    Musicians Wanted
    Open call for one or more talented composers or sound designers, to collaborate on creating a soundtrack for this dynamic, one-act interactive drama…

  2. William P. Wend Says:
    Andrew and Michael from GTA are working on an interactive drama called Facade.

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