December 18, 2004

First Person Pixels, Lines, and Reviews

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 10:45 am

Once again, there’s a new section of First Person live at electronic book review. The essays in this section (The Pixel / The Line) are all by artists who create texts for computational media that behave radically differently from texts on the printed page. They explore the relationship between text and image, the meaning of the “digital,” and the new bodily relationships with text that can be created with new media. The section includes:

Also, there are two new reviews of First Person at The Iowa Review Web. In order to free you up for more critical forms of reading, I’ve selected the snippet of each review most appropriate for book jacket copy (or movie poster blurbage). Andrew Baerg calls First Person “an excellent collection of thought-provoking essays” — while Brian Croxall deems it “a fascinating examination of a rapidly expanding field.” These reviewers particularly consider a number of essays, including those of fellow bloggers like Jesper Juul and GTxA’s own Michael Mateas.

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