January 3, 2005

No Level Left Behind

by Nick Montfort · , 4:02 pm

… Minos brought over an engineer then fashionable in Greece, Dedalus – creator of a noted branch of pedagogical architecture. This is how the labyrinth was built. By a system of corridors, from the simplest to the more complicated, by a difference in levels and a staircase of abstractions it was supposed to initiate the prince Minotaur into the principles of correct thinking.

– Zbigniew Herbert, from “History of the Minotaur,” Mr Cogito

Learning Lab Denmark (LLD) and the Danish University of Education (DPU) announce that a new Centre for Learning Games is being established, and several Ph.D. grants are being offered for work in this area. In related news, the Education Arcade (an outgrowth of the Games-to-Teach project, supported by the MIT Comparative Media Studies program and University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education) has information posted about their second conference on games in education, which is coming up at E3 this summer.

Anyway, who says Denmark’s a prison? It seems quite the nexus for computer game research these days. It certainly looks like the folks at Center for Computer Games Research, at the IT University of Copenhagen, will have some Counterstrike competition nearby.

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