January 17, 2005

I Just Wanna Be Linked By You

by Andrew Stern · , 12:35 am

Justin Hall’s having a breakdown. I saw it on today’s installment of Justin’s Links.

opinion ahead — watch the video first before reading

I don’t mean to suggest that Justin isn’t really having a breakdown. He probably is, poor guy, even though the video of it kind of just seems like bad acting of a breakdown. Or a grad student’s art project.

Or, the footage is totally authentic — and it’s simply that reality sometimes seems oddly fake. (Has someone coined a term for that yet?)

A more likely explanation is somewhere in the middle — since Justin knows he’s going to be putting this footage online as he lives it, it turns the experience of his real life into a simultaneous performance, that he’s surely conscious of as he lives/performs it. Which exactly seems to be the problem he’s dealing with.

Clever! And impressively gutsy. And pretentious, but that’s okay. It’s another flavor of fusing of fiction and reality within the computer medium, I suppose. Reminds me to write another blog post on the similarity between reality TV and interactive drama.