January 27, 2005

Xanadu Got Slashdotted

by Scott Rettberg · , 11:39 pm

Mostly for Noah. Not many new revelations in the comment thread of the recent Slashdotting of Ted Nelson’s Xanadu, although I hadn’t realized that in addition to Olivia Newton-John, Rush recorded a song with the same title.

One Response to “Xanadu Got Slashdotted”

  1. sascha becker shine Says:

    Little-known fact: a friend of ours’ apartment in San Francisco was
    dubbed Xanadu because it was, in fact, a stately pleasure dome. The bath had a jacuzzi; the living room had a view of golden-gate park, and the entertainment console had an Xbox. Plus this was in the days when Kozmo.com still delivered tasty treats. The house was inhabited by two massively well-paid dot-commers, and frequently visited by two others. We would do things like… order a complete peking duck for take-out. Watch “Titanic” over and over. That sort of thing. Now all of us are living on a small fraction of that kind of money, and we realize we had no idea how decadent our existence at Xanadu was.

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