January 31, 2005

Johnny Wants Freedom, Structure, and Consequences

by Andrew Stern · , 7:46 pm

“Wannabe game designer and failed programmer” Johnny Pi has a new blog, Design Synthesis. A few quotes from some of his initial posts:

[W]hat remains to be seen is how game developers are going to merge freeform and structure. How can we model a reactive gameworld without creating a picture of anarchy? … I’m interested in the confluence of order and chaos.

What it comes down to is creating a great deal of freedom and making the different parts of a world interesting. … I hope in the future we can figure out a way for a game to generate truly creative content that is not either too boilerplate or overly random.

Doesn’t anyone see even a tiny bit of irony in a game that asks you to mow down wave after wave of Nazis without the slightest twinge of horror at your actions? Or any kind of mental effects?

I blame the ego. People expect videogames to place them on an upward power curve, to gain in their abilities until they are fully equipped to survive the gameworld. We don’t expect to suffer repercussions.

Perceptive commentary — added to the blogroll.

Update: The guy must be unemployed or something, because he’s churning out new posts like a madman.