February 1, 2005

Panel to Become a Grim, Psychonautic Affair

by Andrew Stern · , 11:42 pm

Our 60-minute fandango on interactive story at the Game Developers Conference this March suddenly promises to be double fine, now that we’ve wrangled Tim Schafer to join the fray. Tim will either speak full throttle about the past, present, and future of adventure games vis-à-vis interactive stories — or just sit back and laugh at us oh-so-serious pontificators and casually plug his new game, which by the way is now available for pre-ordering. Well, hopefully he’ll do a little bit of both.

For those unable to make it, I’ll take notes, and report back here.

3 Responses to “Panel to Become a Grim, Psychonautic Affair”

  1. ArC Says:

    Full marks for maximum punnage.

  2. Tankko Says:

    You should have asked Ron Gilbert. Have you seen is blog?


    It’s all about story and games.

  3. andrew Says:

    Ron was a top contender as well; I read his blog regularly and have linked to it several times from posts and comments here on GTxA (for example, 3 days ago). The decision in the end leaned to Tim because he’s equally as experienced in the adventure game genre as Ron, and is also coming out with an innovative new action/adventure game in April, that he can speak about his experience building.

    Plus, it gives Ron ever more reason to be grumpy. :-)

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