February 2, 2005

Get a Shovel

by Nick Montfort · , 10:43 pm

under construction Just a quick note to try to convince you: please please please stop using those “under construction” icons on your home pages! They are stupid, pointless, take up unnecessary bandwidth, and can sometimes be silly. They belong in a museum. At the very least, use an alternative icon that won’t make people bust out with some Village People song. I mean, really – get with the program. And whatever you do, please don’t use an animated GIF.

One Response to “Get a Shovel”

  1. scott Says:

    That icon rocks! How much did it cost? I’m hoping my web designer can acquire one for my new company’s new web “site.” The kid seems like he’s got some talent, and he has already managed to negotiate a very good price for the “click here” buttons to place next to our links, which will help people who don’t understand the clever “blue underline” system which he custom-designed for us. The committee had some concerns so we paid the additional fee for that graphic, though when I pointed out the additional fuctionality of our “purple-visited” scheme, they were completely sold, and you would not believe how much money we saved.

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