February 4, 2005

She Wore Blue … Renga …

by Nick Montfort · , 5:24 pm

Jason Dyer, an IF author who has the distinction of having placed well in the first IF Comp in 1995, has started a new blog about IF, Renga in Blue. He’s got three posts up already – pretty good for the first day’s work. We’ll look forward to more. You can find the link on here under “Related Blogs,” too.

3 Responses to “She Wore Blue … Renga …”

  1. Joey Manley » Linkalicious 3 Says:
    […] t might be interesting (I mostly put this here so that Alexander Danner will see it). Via Grand Text Auto Comment in the Forum […]

  2. josh g. Says:

    Looks like some excellent thoughts were bubbling up and needed a home. This one goes on my RSS.

    Now if only Blogger didn’t force me to create a new blog just so that I could post a comment on Renga in Blue.

  3. josh g. Says:

    Hmm, maybe I could’ve just posted anonymously. Oh well, this way was funnier.

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