February 5, 2005

I’m Seeing Spots

by Andrew Stern · , 11:59 pm

Rather than sit in front of the TV for four-plus hours tomorrow, I plan to tape the Superbowl and watch it later, allowing me to fast-forward through those annoying breaks in the action. Through the game, that is. Generally I’ve found Superbowl contests to be mediocre entertainment — it’s the ads that are more intriguing. I’ve gotten into the habit of taping the whole event each year, and usually find a handful of very, very expensive pieces of commercial video art worth watching. The whole viewing process takes about 45 minutes.

Even the lame ads are interesting, because of how expensive they are to air… For some, you gotta wonder, “$80,000 per second for that stinker — what were they thinking?”

My family did have a VCR way back in 1984, but sadly I hadn’t yet begun my habit of taping the Superbowl. In hindsight I wonder if I could have sold such a precious artifact on eBay today, for a pretty penny. (I wonder, can original videotapings of famous television moments actually be of interest to collectors? Maybe in this particular case, if it could be proven to be an original recording.) The funny thing is, my mom still uses some BASF and Avanti VHS videotapes she bought in 1982… she’s just a tad frugal, my mom.

Googling a bit, naturally I find a site devoted to these ads. It links to an article about how blogs are getting in on the action.

Maybe someday I can just TiVo the ads.