February 22, 2005

“Lyn Hejinian does not have a blog!”

by Nick Montfort · , 7:01 pm

Not Lyn's blog! says Lyn Hejinian. At the Kelly Writers House today, she described this blog, where someone else is posting a sentence of her well-known book-length poem My Life each day, as the closest she’s come to being stalked. She doesn’t intend to sue anyone over it, though. Although alleging to be technophobic and saying that this was the first webcast event she’s been part of, Hejinian is actually quite astute when it comes to computer technologies and language. She described how she wrote The Fatalist by taking a year’s worth of saved communication on her computer and carving away at it, finding poetry within it as a sculptor finds a figure in a stone block. A record of her reading yesterday and discussion today are available form the Writers House in Real Media format; you can read more of her thought about poetry in The Language of Inquiry, the introduction to which is online.

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