March 2, 2005

New Media/History of Rock and Roll

by Scott Rettberg · , 12:07 pm

I’m violating our policy of generally not posting job listings simply for shits and giggles. St. Cloud University is hiring an Assistant Professor of New Media/History of Rock and Roll:

St. Cloud State University seeks applications for New Media/History of Rock and Roll, Assistant Professor, tenure track position to begin August 29, 2005. Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Responsibilities: Assist in the development and implementation of new media courses and programs for music majors, transfer students, and majors from collaborating departments in the College of Fine Arts and Humanities; Teach and develop new media courses including introductory and advanced music technology, interactive music, sound and music in new media and sound and cinema; Teach History of Rock and Roll or similar large auditorium course; Direct student creative projects in new media and composition; Assist in the direction of the Electroacoustic Arts Ensemble; Assist in the maintenance of music department computer labs; Other assignments as determined by the department and qualifications of the candidate; Other responsibilities include recruiting and advising students, continuing professional development and serving on departmental committees; Other duties include recruiting and advising students, continuing professional development, actively pursuing creative and/or scholarly achievement, and serving the university and community.

Qualifications and experience: ABD required, doctorate in music or relevant field with a background in electronic music preferred. Completed terminal degree required for tenure consideration; Evidence of creative achievement in music and new media; Experience with new media applications of sound and music alone and in conjunction with other arts; Successful large auditorium teaching experience or potential preferred; Ability to teach courses in Web audio, interactive and real-time electronic music, sound and cinema; Knowledge of MAX/MSP/Jitter, Pro Tools and Flash; Successful college teaching experience preferred; Demonstrated ability to teach and work with persons from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Application deadline: April 11, 2005.

2 Responses to “New Media/History of Rock and Roll”

  1. jeremy Says:

    so… do you think that they might have someone in mind?

  2. Erik Says:

    Be quite interesting to attend the applicants’ speeches, there would be a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on.

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