March 7, 2005

‘I Am Both Art and Artist’

by Andrew Stern · , 10:58 am

It’s perhaps not the most high-tech painter AI out there, nor is it quite an AI-assisted content creator as I would envision one, and its “I am an artist” claim is a stretch, but Daria has created a few canvases I found interesting. Reminiscent of Gnoetry, but probably technically simpler, the “distributed system of server components that collectively combine to become an autonomous creative unit” Daria takes your keyword or words, searches the Web or some custom database of related text and imagery (I’m not sure which), parses its found text and selects some of it, selects and filters some part or parts of images, and then composites the text and image fragments into a final picture.

Even with the simplicity and/or randomness of the compositions, and the question of what the Daria program is exactly doing, I’m glad that artist programmer Brian Lee Yung Rowe is pushing in this direction. I’d love to see a version 2 that advances towards creating paintings that communicate a more explicit artistic intent.

One Response to “‘I Am Both Art and Artist’”

  1. Malcolm Ryan Says:

    I may be too late with this comment to get any notice, but speaking of computer generated poetry, have you guys seen this before?


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