March 8, 2005

Google Mapping Location-Based Narratives

by Scott Rettberg · , 11:52 am

walkingtourMy colleague Ken Tompkins recently sent along a link to John Udell’s Walking Tour of Keene. The short video demonstrates how Udell used Google Maps in concert with a bookmarklet to create a walking tour of an area in his hometown that rides on top of the Google Maps UI. Waypoints are marked with GPS data on the Google map and then linked to his content (jpgs and quicktime clips). Udell explains how he did it in a followup post. Other hacks to Google Maps are being posted on a Google Maps Hacking Wiki. Although the current hack is kludgey, it suggests exciting possiblities for location-based narratives that could be delivered in a web browser via the Google Maps interface.

One Response to “Google Mapping Location-Based Narratives”

  1. scott Says:

    Engadget has posted a nice followup on this with instructions on how to create a Google Map with waypoints of your own.

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