March 21, 2005

Cell Phone Books

by Andrew Stern · , 3:34 pm

I’ll try to fit this
in a small space —
folks in Japan are
reading novels on
, one
little chunk of text
at a time.
(via if:book)

6 Responses to “Cell Phone Books”

  1. andrew Says:

    Hey, I just realized — haiku would fit perfectly!

  2. katre Says:

    On a recent flight, I spent some time reading an eBook (Swiss Family Robinson, actually) on my Treo. And about five minutes later, had to demonstrate to every crewmember on the plane that yes, even though it is a phone, I can run the eBook program while the phone is off.

    Reading texts on handheld devices is great, though. I regularly keep about 5-10 books I want to read on my Treo, and when I find myself somewhere with nothing better to do, out it comes.

  3. nick Says:

    I just read this last Thursday at an event here at Penn, on “Arts Day:”

    The Ballad of Alain Robert
    (suitable for cell phone text messaging)

    Alain Robert,
    called “Spiderman,”
    climbed Tour Eiffel.

    Conquering fears,
    Alain Robert
    climbed Tour Sears,

    and was handcuffed.
    On Arche Defense
    he had enough.

    (Haiku do fit perfectly to begin with. How boring…)

  4. clifford duffy Says:

    the only emperor is the emperor of ice cream!

  5. mark Says:

    Am I the only one who sees this as a solution in search of a problem? A small paperback book can fit easily in my pocket, and is easier to read than my cell-phone screen. And I don’t see why you’d need more than one at a time with you unless you somehow can read multiple novels during the course of a single day’s worth of subway rides…

    (Having reference books available on a cell-phone is another matter, since carrying around a set of encyclopedias is much more difficult than carrying around a paperback novel.)

  6. Lance Says:

    I sit through endless meetings where it is less conspicuous to red from a phone than a novel. My question is how do i know what phones can display an ebook? Obviously any SmartPhone running windows mobile. But what other phones can do it. what does it take?

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