April 3, 2005

Fictions and Flashes

by Nick Montfort · , 8:52 pm

I was recently alerted to Ferry Halim’s Orisinal, which offers pleasant-looking, easy-to-understand Flash games, reminiscient of greeting cards and often featuring happy animals. They’re worth looking at. While I can’t say that I find them very compelling, some people apparently do, from looking at some of the net-wide high scores for these games.

The IF Comp, which takes place in the fall (for those in the Northern Hemisphere), has traditionally been the annual big deal of interactive fiction production and critique. But there’s also a Spring Thing, a competition Adam Cadre ran in 2002 and 2003 and which is back this year, thanks to Greg Boettcher. The games are out for this year’s; you can download them from the IF Archive. The voting period ends May 1.