April 6, 2005

Talkin’ bout Innovation

by Andrew Stern · , 1:41 pm

Idle Thumbs — a scrappy, well-written games journalism site that I think is getting ever more impressive — has a new piece called Games Beyond ‘Games’, reporting on last February’s Innovation in Games Symposium in the Netherlands. A quote from a struggling indie game developer who presented at the symposium:

[T]here is a market for innovative games, there is a desire to make them, there is a need to do research into them, but the games industry is not the place where this will happen.

And speaking of the Orisinal games, you’ll find a creative review of several of them Idle Thumbs as well.

One Response to “Talkin’ bout Innovation”

  1. Ian Bogost Says:

    I presented at this event, as did Chris Crawford, who’s been traversing the halls of GTxA lately. The developers you’re referring to are Aureia Harvey and MichaĆ«l Samyn. They are charming, wonderful people who’ve made a beautiful game, 8. I Empathize with their struggle, but their funding hopes are very large (>€2 million), perhaps unreasonably large to expect industry or investor support for such a “risky” project.

    For the record, I’ve developed a much more subtle reading of JFK Reloaded since this event, and I’ll be presenting that as part of my talk at the upcoming conference Command Lines: The Emergence of Governance in Global Cyberspace. That event also features game researchers Richard Bartle, Ted Castronova, Greg Lastowka, and T.L. Taylor.

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