April 12, 2005

Endless Fantasy

by Nick Montfort · , 11:23 pm

If you’re in the mood to see interminable video of Final Fantasy VI being re-enacted by video game consoles (that is, the video game consoles are the characters), check out Sega Fantasy VI (in English). Update: link changed; thanks, DoomRater.

I had never heard of the WonderSwan, the PC-FX, or the Playdia before this. And, I must say, some of the parts I watched were quite touching. Maybe it’s just that sappy music, though.

17 Responses to “Endless Fantasy”

  1. xustu Says:

    Absolute classic

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That whole thing started sucking the moment they killed the PSP

  3. popo Says:

    Uh… at first I thought it was going to be funny in an “All Your Base” kind of way… but then I realized I was watching the most embarassing illustration of personal bad-geekdom (as opposed to good-geekdom) I’ve ever seen.


    WTF *was* that? I can’t believe I watched that whole thing.

    I feel… f… funny…

  4. WhatTheHell Says:

    I laughed… I cried… I hurled…

    But really…. wtf *WAS* that?!?!?

  5. Isiena Says:

    Holy crap that was long.

    o__O;; But oddly enough, very moving. (sobs uncontrollably)

  6. PrezKennedy Says:

    I forgot why I started watching it in the first place… lost interest somewhere in the middle, and finally closed it before it finished.

  7. gamma724 Says:

    That was quite amazing if I say so myself. The time, dedication, and animation were as good as it coulda been. The fight scenes were great.

  8. D Says:

    Ok, guys, that was CLASS! Well done!
    Supprisingly poigniant for a parody.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    PSP Should have won :(

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Great animation, I’m just floored that it managed to stay topical and maintain it’s grasp on the storyline of FF3/FF6. Even the characters who were being emulated by their game system counterparts stayed constant to their FF3/FF6 counterparts. Kind of horrifying it worked out that way in reality, however. It’s pretty awesome that he made Mog the PCEngine, and even kept his unique attack system.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Awww that poor GBA *Tear*

  12. Anonymous Says:


    its a good satire but man why is it so long???

    the end screen was a bliss…

  13. Anonymous Says:

    If you were wondering, if the Creator was a Nintendo Fan boy, just watch all the way to the end. Theres an scene with a pink GBA SP giving birth to a DS..
    No, Im not kidding.

    Theres some really cool bits like that in the credits. (theres actually a part where the ps1 calls the snes his father. quite touching really)

    It was really cool but Im pretty sure that if this had been made 2 years ago, the Xbox would have been the final villain instead of the psp the entire dialog fits it well, but now he is the “strong type” among the crowd *shudders*. Besides with all that lineage talk going on, the author forgot to mention the psp is the ps2 “son”? *shudders*.

  14. F3TUS D3STROY3R Says:

    That was awesome….and long lol

  15. tfPhoeniX Says:

    OMG i almost fell asleep 0_o

  16. DoomRater Says:

    Uh, that link now goes to Michael JAckson in SMB…

    http://www.hcn.zaq.ne.jp/cabic508/rsf/sf6.html Here’s the correct link.

  17. SilentMage Says:

    I’ve watched this at least 8 times over the past 6 months and it NEVER gets tiresome! I LOVED this flash video. As an “old-school” gamer I caught most of the references and played Final Fantasy VI fanatically back when I had lots of time to play games. Excellent work and oh so emotionally moving. If you don’t realize why the PSP is killed in it, this video is not for you — go play FF6 for the SNES or on a SNES emulator and then go watch it.

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