April 15, 2005

New For Your Hard Drive

by Andrew Stern · , 5:16 pm

We knew it would happen… what took so long, really? Virtually Jenna is, I believe, the first fully explicit, hard-core 3-D animated virtual sex game. Billed as “gamerotica”, it’s more like lewdology. Ostensibly the goal is to get Jenna’s Excite-O-Meter to the max, but based on the graphic sample videos on the website, I suspect players may be content to just, well, screw around. According to a review in Wired you can control male or female sex partners for Jenna, sex toys and a disembodied hand, as well as a camera for pornographic photo shoots, in all their high polygon-count, texture-mapped glory.

The developers, xStream3D, have plans to increase the photorealism of the animation as consumers purchase more “hot graphics cards”, which will allow players to put images of their own faces on the avatars, and order customized audio so Jenna can call out your name (hey, I already thought of that…). They plan to eventually build a larger action/adventure game that encompasses the sex play.

As a developer of directly-interactive virtual characters, I wish I had more time to write about this, but commentary from me will have to wait until we ship… for now, keep your hands above the keyboard, folks!