April 20, 2005

boston cyberarts – techartII show

by Mary Flanagan · , 8:18 pm

If you are traveling to Boston for the Cyberarts 2005 events, please make a stop to see work at the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset for the TechArt II show. The TechArt ongoing exhibition series in conjunction with the Boston Cyberarts Festival proves to be a vital source of new ideas about technologically-informed creative work which reflects on computer-centered culture.

Some of the themes which emerge in TechArt II are recurring in the field of digital art as a whole: computers paintings, computer-assisted filmmaking, robotic machines and environments, and computational architectures were all themes. Highlights include

San Francisco based artists Harris and Heirrera’s fantasy images, Texas artist Max Kazemzadeh’s “Target Audience” gun-toting installation, and
Megan Gould’s “Google” series of images, megan gould's Google Mona Lisa
where the artist used the search engine as a “cultural compiler” to create averaged impressions of universally recognizable images such as the Mona Lisa.

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