April 20, 2005

Processing 85

by Nick Montfort · , 11:55 pm

A new beta version of Processing, a system for sketching out creative works of visual interactive art, was released today. As a sometime user of earlier versions, I’m glad to see the new one out. Processing 85 is a release of the language which is translated into Java but allows you to sidestep importing of libraries and other details, and may be more fun than Fortran 77 and Smalltalk 80 put together. Thanks to Hanna for the tip.

One Response to “Processing 85”

  1. zombiegluesniffer Says:

    i’ve been dopefiending on proce55ing for a couple weeks. it’s
    fucken rad. i wasn’t into programming, but when i found proce55ing-
    it was huge, and it’s really going get a lot of misfits into big programming languages. yeah, i guess it’s better than all that
    hogwash software in art’s cool. too bad those MFA poets don’t really get into writing programs. whatever, i just one wannabe offline reading the tropic of cancer- oh yeah and i was watching that documentary C-64 Cracks, Tools & Demos (best title sequence ever?) and was like yeah that’s the trajectory- artwritinghacking. so yeah i can see proce55ing as just the tool to get around with.

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