April 22, 2005

Shelley Jackson Reading

by Scott Rettberg · , 12:14 pm

Shelley Jackson Writing

Innovative print and e-writer (electronic and epidermal), Shelley Jackson, visited Stockton last night to give a reading as the featured reader at the Stockpot literary magazine release party. Shelley read a brand-new story with an unpronounceable title in the form of an equation. She was revising it in my office until ten minutes before the reading. It turned out to be a brilliant, absurd story about mortality set in a post-apocalyptic alternate reality, wherein distances are measured in alligators and timothies, and people carry their deaths and obituaries around with them, in many cases finding their obituaries more appealing than their actual lives.

Word from
One of Shelley Jackson’s “words” from her project “Skin” showed up at the reading. “I.
& Autographing Patchwork Girl
After the Stockpot reading, Shelley Jackson autographed copies of CD cover of her hypertext “Patchwork Girl.”
&'s Autograph

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