April 23, 2005

Re:Writing @ Cyberarts

by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 10:38 pm

7pm this Monday at Brown, and then 7pm Tuesday at the Boston Public Library, Turbulence and the Electronic Literature Organization will present their first co-sponsored event. Re:Writing: Writers, Computers, and Networks will feature performances by four writers who bridge the net art and e-literature communities. In addition to John Cayley, and Thalia Field (at the BPL) or Yael Kanarek (at Brown), they also feature two GTxA drivers who are on the ELO board and have recently had Turbulence commissions: Nick and yours truly. The events are presented as part of the 2005 Boston Cyberarts Festival (and supported by Brown’s Literary Arts program and the LEF Foundation).

Writers, Computers, and Networks

Four Writers Perform Works in Networked and Programmable Media

Monday April 25, 7pm
Brown University, Smith-Buonanno Hall, Rm. 106

Tuesday, April 26, 7pm
Boston Public Library, Rabb Lecture Hall

Within the digital arts there are also letters: works by writers who explore the possibilities of texts controlled by systems, or who write in ways that take the network as a medium.

Many net art and e-literature works include text, image, and sound. In both genres, there is questioning of the definitions of artist/writer, audience/reader, and the art work.

Come and experience writing that gives attention to narrative, fiction, poetics, in short, to language itself — while performing a vital engagement with the machines and networks of new media.

Re:Writing: Writers, Computers and Networks was made possible by Literary Arts, Brown University and the LEF Foundation. As part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival, it is a collaboration between the Electronic Literature Organization and Turbulence.

More information from http://turbulence.org/elo/

One Response to “Re:Writing @ Cyberarts”

  1. nick Says:

    I just wanted to quickly note that the two readings were great — many thanks to the organizers, Jo and Helen at New Radio and Performing Arts (the force behind Turbulence) and Noah, to the LEF Foundation for funding the event, to the BPL for hosting it, to the other writers and artists who read their work (John Cayley, Yael Kanarek, and Thalia Field) and to the attendees.

    I will try to write about the readings in some more detail soon, but I didn’t want to delay my thanks, and I did want to invite anyone who attended to offer comments here.

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