April 25, 2005

Implementation to be featured at Provflux 2005

by Scott Rettberg · , 7:58 am

Nick and I recently got word that Implementation has been accepted by Provflux 2005, both as an intervention (live event) as an exhibition. Implementation’s second gallery exhibition will take the form of mounted photos from the project, a DVD of distance shots, and take-home sticker sheets on display at CUBE2 Gallery in downtown Providence, Rhode Island from May 19th through June 4th, and we’ll be in Providence May 27th-29th for the event itself, with a goal of distributing, placing, and documenting the entire novel in one weekend in one location. Bring your digital camera and camping gear if you want to join us. Implementation joins about 50 other public interventions, games, urban exploration, lost space recovery, and tech mapping projects for this fluxist/situationist/public art happening.

3 Responses to “Implementation to be featured at Provflux 2005”

  1. vika Says:

    Hey, that’s awesome. Will you have a net connection? We’ll be, er, out of town, but perhaps some photos from a distant land could be arranged…

  2. scott Says:

    Sure. Send em on in.

  3. nick Says:

    Just a reminder: Proxflux 2005 begins tomorrow (Friday) and runs through Sunday. Hope to see some of you there!

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