May 7, 2005

james tenney in nyc

by Mary Flanagan · , 8:35 pm

Pioneer in computer music (incl early computational sound generation + composition, musique concrete, etc) James Tenney will be presenting work in nyc on Sunday, May 8, 2005 at 8:00 PM

james tenney’s “postal pieces” (1965-71): a rare performance of Tenney’s Postal Pieces (1965-71). Postal Pieces is supposed to be “a remarkable series of eleven works printed on postcards.”

From the project room announcement:

Written on so called “Scorecards”, each piece is a kind of meditation on acoustics, form, or hyper-attention to a single performance gesture. Other works on the program include Collage #1 (“Blue Suede”) for tape (1961), a landmark of American musique concrete based on Elvis Presley’s version of Blue Suede Shoes, and Three Piano Rags (1964), three gems for the solo piano in the style of classical ragtime.

Participants include:
James Tenney – composer, Jenny Lin – organizer/pianist, Elliott Sharp – guitar, Margaret Lancaster – flute, Danny Tunick – percussion, Members of DownTown Ensemble: Daniel Goode – clarinet, Leslie Ross – bassoon, Members of TILT brass band: Joe Exley – tuba, Jacob Garchik – bass trombone, Russ Johnson – trumpet, Christopher McIntyre – trombone, Members of Ne(x)tworks: Yves Dharamraj – cello, Cornelius Duffalo – violin, and host Frank J. Oteri.

James Tenney in New York is presented with support from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, followed by a post-concert reception sponsored by the CalArts Alumni Association.

Tickets: $12; For reservations, email

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