May 15, 2005

Alan Sondheim, ROCKER

by Nick Montfort · , 12:15 am

New on Turbulence is “Why Rock?” The piece offers sound works by net artists with “real or supposed rock affinities.” Talan Memmott (real rock affinity) is one. And then – I never thought of Richard Stallman as a rocker (mp3), or, actually, as a net artist, but hey.

The project includes texts by Frédéric Madre and tutor to the Talking Heads Alan Sondheim, whose sound work Zing (wav) and whose oddly compelling video Ennui (mp4) is linked. Sondheim’s text ends with “fuck this didn’t go anywhere it’s not sounded out // (too _male_”. Alan, you’ve got a decent list of rockers who you know but let me tell you Charles Bernstein actually read on stage with Sonic Youth. You are cool and all and your video is pretty seriously frenetic but man.

“Why Rock?” is by Annie Abrahams and Clément Charmet.

4 Responses to “Alan Sondheim, ROCKER”

  1. nick Says:

    Intelligence reports indicate that Alan has just posted this sound piece! You gotta love somebody whose home page is a raw directory listing.

  2. Matt K. Says:

    >Charles Bernstein actually read on stage with Sonic Youth

    Details please.

  3. nick Says:

    It was a benefit performance for Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theater at St. Marks in the Bowery. I’ll have to ask Charles if there’s any hope of getting the recordings added to PennSound.

  4. Alan Sondheim Says:

    I can’t beet Bernstein, but I did play with Al Wilson (Canned Heat)
    and recorded with ESP-Disk (cds still available online). We all have to bear our pastes. Anyway new stuff for those who cair @ and the two dike.mp3s at the same sight –

    If I did a benefit performance for anything, it would collapse bfore the end of the act – Alan

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